The Safer Communities Fund has been established to encourage local residents and our communities to get involved in the prevention and reduction of crime and to allow community groups to bid for monies to help create safer communities across Cheshire.

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The Fund is fully funded by monies taken from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act and represents the PCC David Keane’s commitment to ensure that this money is re-invested into our communities for the benefit of Cheshire residents.

Applications are open to community, voluntary or third sector organisations including Parish Councils.

Applications must support the objectives within the Police and Crime Plan.   Projects will be located within Cheshire and must focus on local needs. The key funding areas will be:

  • Youth (Engagement, Intervention and Diversion)
  • Drugs (Education and reduction in substance misuse)
  • Rehabilitation (Education, development of skills, training, volunteering and mentoring)
  • Vulnerability
  • Emergent need (response to local need and demand)

All projects must engage with the local policing team.  In most cases this will be your local dedicated PCSO.  If you do not know who your local PCSO is, you can find out more information here by typing in your organisation’s postcode. The named individual will need to be aware of the project and will be able to endorse the information within your application addresses local needs.  If you need support in making contact with your local PCSO, please contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner by emailing with the name of the officer you are trying to contact and we will support you in making contact.

Funds available

There will be three tiers of funding available.  All our grant funds are mainly aimed at new projects which need help to get started.  Fundable projects should think about the sustainability of the project post this investment.  There are no deadlines for applications.

Tier 1- Safer Communities Fund - Express Grants up to £1,000

This fund is aimed at supporting not for profit organisations to deliver community based projects or initiatives to meet immediate or emergency need. Applications should address a minimum of one of the key funding areas named above.  Applications will be reviewed and an outcome will be communicated the week following the one in which is it submitted.  Applications can be downloaded here and completed forms emailed to

Covid-19 - If the application is seeking funds to address a local need as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, applicants should ensure they have contacted the local authority making sure they are aware of the project.  The local authority has a key responsibility for the voluntary sector in relation to co-ordinating government mandated volunteer efforts.

Engaging with them will ensure the local authority is informed about the support services potentially available to residents out in the community but also reduces the likelihood of duplication and increases the likelihood of the project achieving a positive impact.

Applicants will need to set out the contact details of who they have engaged with within their application so the OPCC can ensure that the project supports the local response.

Each local authority has dedicated pages on their websites with a range of resources and key contact details which will support applicants:

Cheshire East

Cheshire West and Chester



Tier 2- Safer Communities Fund - Main Grants up to £5,000

Applications should address one or more of the key funding areas above.  Applications will seek to work within a communities in a problem solving approach to address a local need, working in partnership. Projects should work alongside the office of the police & crime commissioner (OPCC), local policing and local authority community teams to ensure the project addresses key priorities. 

Applicants should look to engage with the Community Development Officer here at the OPCC to assist in developing their application.  Applications will be reviewed and an outcome communicated within 28 working days.

The application process for this fund will open soon.

Tier 3- Safer Communities fund- Enhanced Grants over £5,000

Applications should address one or more of the key funding areas above.  Applications will seek to work in response to an identified problem, working in partnership. Projects will involve the community, the OPCC, local policing, local authority teams and wider stakeholders to ensure impact is measurable and avoid duplication of services.  Additional guidance regarding the application process will appear on this page shortly.

Applicants should look to engage with the OPCC before submitting an application. Applications will be reviewed and an outcome communicated within 28 working days.

The applications process for the enhanced grant programme will open shortly.

How to apply

Applications for main and enhanced grant programmes for 2020-2021 will open in early summer 2020.


If you will be working with children or vulnerable adults you will be required to confirm you have policies and procedures relating to Safeguarding Children and/or Vulnerable Adults that are in accordance with national guidelines and any guidance issued by the relevant Local Safeguarding Adults Board and/or Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Further advice and support can be found via the local board websites which can be found below:

Local Safeguarding Children Boards

Local Safeguarding Adult Boards

Frequently Asked Questions and Grant Making Principles