Posted on 23rd October 2019

The spookiest time of the year is fast approaching and Halloween will soon be upon us.

With magic in the air and streets that glow, Cheshire Police is encouraging the public to enjoy their scary celebrations, but to do so safely and within the law.

With black cats prowling and communities getting into the eerie spirit, officers are reminding residents that not everyone appreciates the spooky dangers that lurk around the corner.

Superintendent Jo Marshall-Bell said:

“With Halloween creeping up on us we want to take the opportunity to remind our communities that not everyone likes this ghostly time of year, and it can actually leave people feeling quite vulnerable and scared.

“Halloween by nature is a fun time of year, and we don’t want to stop people having a good time. But it is important that everyone behaves in a responsible manner, and remembers that not everyone wants to participate. What may seem like a bit of harmless fun can actually have a significant impact on people and local communities.

“Halloween is a time when you can dress up and become anything that you want to be – choose to be kind and respect your neighbours.

“I’d also like to reassure residents who may be feeling worried about the Halloween and bonfire period that we will have an increased officer presence out on the streets making sure crime and anti-social behaviour is kept to a minimum.”

Police and crime commissioner, David Keane, added:

“It’s great to see our communities across Cheshire having great fun during the Halloween period, but a small minority use it as an opportunity for engaging in anti-social behaviour, which can spoil things and be a real worry to the vulnerable.

“I’m very grateful to police officers who give up their precious time to work extra hours helping keep our communities safe during this period and am confident that the work we are doing to raise awareness of impacts of anti-social behaviour will prevent some of the problems associated with Halloween and ensure that everyone has a great time.”

Officers have spent time educating young people on the consequences of crime and anti-social behaviour by visiting schools and talking to youngsters while out and about in the community.

Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable in Cheshire and if you fall victim of this type of crime we do not want you to suffer alone – report it to us on 101.

Double sided posters with “yes or no” to trick or treaters are also available to download and print on the Cheshire Police website. Residents can put them in the windows of their home to let trick or treaters know if they are ok to knock, or if they prefer to be left in peace.