Posted on 4th June 2019

Statement from the police and crime commissioner for Cheshire following the announcement by Cheshire Constabulary that it will be taking no further action in relation to an allegation made under the Hunting Act 2004 following the death of a fox in Wrenbury, Nantwich in December 2018

David Keane, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, said: “On the back of the independent review I commissioned into the policing of hunting, I have already outlined the need for a parliamentary review into the way the Hunting Act 2004 is laid out. The legislation presents challenges to both investigators and prosecutors.

“Although it would be inappropriate for me to get involved in the decision making process in individual cases, in my role as police and crime commissioner, I’ll be looking to carefully scrutinise the decisions made by Cheshire Constabulary in this case and in a similar case from November 2018 to ensure it followed due process in both investigations and it is fulfilling its obligations under the Hunting Act 2004.”