Posted on 16th May 2019

Statement from the police and crime commissioner for Cheshire following the announcement of changes to the probation service:

David Keane, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, has described the government’s decision to return the supervision of all offenders in the community to state run probation services as a step in the right direction.

Mr Keane said “In my response to the government consultation on the reform of probation services I was clear in my view that privatisation of the sector has not worked.

“Today’s announcement from the minister is a clear recognition that Chris Grayling’s ill-conceived and costly experiment in privatising the supervision of offenders in the community has failed.

“Whilst I am yet to see the full details of the changes being put in place by government, the move to ensure the supervision of all offenders is undertaken by the National Probation Service is welcome and overdue.

“I remain concerned that parts of the sector potentially remain privatised and I will be keen to understand the detail of this in full. I already have plans to meet with probation service leaders in the coming weeks where I will be discussing the reforms, the timeline and plans for the implementation of the changes and how, as your police and crime commissioner, I can work with local services to ensure that our communities are as safe as possible.

“Finally, I think it is important to pay tribute to the front-line staff across all sectors of our local probation services who, under very difficult circumstances and constant change which is no fault of their own, have continued to work to the best of their ability to protect the public and lead the rehabilitation of offenders.”