The Cheshire Youth Commission has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience that has given me a much more detailed idea of what policing in Cheshire (and in the rest of the country) actually involves, especially in regards to the efforts that the police put in in order to make positive changes and progress tackling issues such as knife crime and drug abuse. It has been a truly educational experience that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in making a positive change to policing in Cheshire.

Curtis Rae, Cheshire Youth Commission member

The past two years, since I began my journey with the Youth Commission, have been most beneficial - discovering where my personal areas of strength are. Especially in the last year, I have built more and more confidence. With thanks to the Youth Commission, I have made new friendships (which is not naturally something I would be inclined to do); and am now able to voice my opinions, and help others to discuss theirs.

Through the Youth Commission, a whole manor of experiences have opened up to me, such as the 'Stop and Search Training' day.

The final conference was a tremendous experience! Just through the conference, I was able to speak with some representatives of charity organisations. Now, I am joining a couple as a volunteer. This will help to shape my future even more, and it is a result of assistance from the Youth Commission. It is with great hope that my membership with the Youth Commission continues and grows.

Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Jessie Owens, Youth Commission member

I wanted to say that overall my experience volunteering with the youth commission has been very positive and enriching one. I have been lucky enough to have the day off work as my employer said that it’s a commendable thing that I am participating in. I wanted to be a part of the Cheshire Youth Commission as I thought I would be able to give a different perspective of a young person as I work full time and I am from an ethnic minority. I felt that I had a different experience to my counterparts and I was born in South Africa and have lived in Cheshire for 16 years.

I have had some exciting opportunities and I have learnt a lot about recruitment; which will be useful in my future studies as I hope to embark on a degree in human resource management and business. In January this year, I invited to be a part of the external stakeholder panel at the recruitment of a new chief constable for Cheshire. I was honoured to be able to ask questions on behalf of the Cheshire Youth Commission. This experience gave me an in-depth insight of recruitment within the police force. It was a good way to network and meet professionals from prominent institutions and I learned more about the issues at the forefront of our society.

Maphefo Mokae, Cheshire Youth Commission member

I joined the Youth Commission for the first time last year after hearing of it through my school, and thought it would be a good way to gain experience and expand my skills with presentations and working in a team towards a goal, as well as voice young people's views about police issues from across Cheshire.

Since joining the Youth Commission, I have grown so much as a person. It allowed me to massively improve in my confidence in myself and my abilities, and work with others to use our strengths to our advantage to create our presentation. I also had the opportunity to work on a short film about stop and search to educate young people on their rights. This was massively beneficial to me, as I got to see how a short film is created and how stop and searches work.

I would recommend the Youth Commission to anyone looking to enhance their skills and gain new ones, as well as work in a team and meet lots of great people.

Ella Redmond, Youth Commission Member